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AutoEasy Software - Products

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Automation Premium

Premium is a total management application including task manager and integrated payroll. The user has access to a full double entry accounting package that incorporates both debtor and creditor control. Premium allows you to manage multiple bank and credit card accounts including the ability to reconcile transactions against your statements. It is easy to move money between accounts and even print deposit slips; you have total flexibility to change any un-reconciled transaction on both the creditor and debtor sides of your ledger. Premium generates over 100 reports so you can view financial performance in a variety of formats. This application is literally a “one stop” solution to your management needs.

Automation Lite

Automation Lite is a product that is tailor made for automotive repairers that do not require the full accounting functions available from our premium version. This “cut down” application still allows for easy transaction entry, database management, debtor and inventory control. It is also possible to upgrade to Automation Premium at any time for the cost differential between Automation Lite and Premium.

Product Comparison

Function Premium Lite
Diary screen displaying job status on a daily / weekly basis Yes Yes
Sales screen - lists jobs, invoices, bookings and estimates Yes Yes
Allocate technicians to specified jobs Yes Yes
Task Manager - record local & contact tasks with an automated reminder Yes Yes
SDebtor control including reporting and EOM statement generation Yes Yes
Purchasing, listing all supplier invoices for goods and services Yes Yes
Accounts payable with the ability to pay from bank and credit card accounts Yes No
Integrated payroll including the tracking of holiday & sick pay entitlements Yes No
Full security set individual profile for all employees Yes Yes
Reports GST on a cash basis Yes No
Reports GST on an accrual basis Yes Yes
Pay tax liability for GST, PAYGW and PAYGI Yes No
Automated reconciliation of Capricorn statements online Yes No
Ability to connect to till draw and slip printer Yes Yes
General ledger including balance sheet and trial balance Yes No
Bank & credit card reconciliations Yes No
Barcode scanning feature to receive or sell items Yes Yes
Profit & Loss by any date range Yes Yes
Unique buy-in function available from the job card Yes Yes
On-line & Off-line marketing functions Yes Yes
Inbuilt Loyalty & Roadside Assistance module Yes Yes
Inventory Category Management Yes Yes
Master Lisence R 11000.00 R 6000.00
Network Lisence R 3600.00 R 2400.00